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SuperFone Models
Model: CT3200       Price:  350
Meticulously designed send/receive device can promise the longest communication range available in this class of phone.
Distances of up to 200 Km recorder between ship and shore.              To save battery during short range use, (low =1 W, medium=5W, High=35 W) transmission power of the transportable unit can be adjusted in three levels
Two way paging and full duplex intercom function available
Cassette type high capacity rechargeable battery with microprocessor controlled charging circuit let you know the battery level at all time
Your security is ensured by 1,000,000 digitally coded security system
Communication Range up to 70 km or more under ideal conditions
Tone/Pulse Switchable
Adjustable ringer volume
Adjustable receiver volume
Mix Dialing
Flash Key Last number redial
And more ...

It is an Epoch-Making tool to bridge Domestic and International Communication!

Operating Frequencies 45MHz  - 74MHz
Output Power: Base  70W   Portable 35W
Sensitivity for 12 dB sin ad: 0.5ýV 0.5ýV
Audio output level 50mW -10dBm
1.Spare Battery Cassette                2.Carrying Case     3.Roof Antenna For Transportable Unit    4.AC/DC Adaptor For Transportable Unit