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  • Meticulously designed Send/Receive device can Promise the Longest Communication Range Available in this class of Phone.  

  • To save battery during short range use, transmission power of the transportable unit can be adjusted in three levels.  

  • Two way paging and full duplex intercom faction available.

  • Cassette type high capacity rechargeable battery with microprocessor controlled charging circuit let you know the battery level at all time 

  • Your security is ensured by1.000.000 digitally coded security system.

  • Communication Range of up to 70 Km or more under ideal condition.

  • Tone/Pulse Switchable

  • Adjustable Ringer Volume (low/mid/high)

  • Adjustable Receiver volume (low/high)

  • Mix-dial

  • Flash Key

  • Last number redial and more....

It is an Epoch-Making tool to bridge Domestic and International Communication!

Long Range
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