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SuperFone Models
Model: CT8500        Price: €450
64 channels (16 channels by 4 groups) by PLL Synthesizer System
Voice scrambling system for protected privacy
256 identification codes
Single antenna each for base/mobile stations
Switchable and redialable Tone/Pulse
10 memories (9 plus redial)
On hook dialing
Full Duplex Intercom
Remote use with CT-505TM (in pulse mode)

It is an Epoch-Making tool to bridge Domestic and International Communication!

Base Unit
Output Power (duplex) 45W
Modulation: FM Narrow band
Operating Frequency  450Mhz  - 460MHz
Sensitivity for 12 dB sinad: -10dB
Channel Rejection ( + 25kHz) 60dB
Audio output level -1 dBm 50mV
Audio input level -10dBm 30dBs
1.Spare Battery Cassette                2.Carrying Case     3.Roof Antenna For Transportable Unit    4.AC/DC Adaptor For Transportable Unit