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Made in Japan   
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Technical Support
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SuperFone Models
Model: CT300N         Price: €250
Longest range of its class
2 stage remote transmission out put
Full intercom function. Able to answer an external call during intercom talk
Pulse, Tone and combination dialing
1,000,000 Digital Security Code
Accessories for expanded capabilities

It is an Epoch-Making tool to bridge Domestic and International Communication!

Operation  Frequency 46.025 - 72.000 MHz (1 of 40 channels)
Modulation: Narrow band FM
Output Power: Base: 5W   Portable 2.5W/300mW switchblade
Power Requirements: AC 200 ~ 240V / 50-60hz
Rechargeable 6V  battery cassette
Dimension 240 x 256 x 76 mm 70 x 54 x 23.4 mm
1.Spare Battery Cassette                2.Carrying Case     3.Roof Antenna For Transportable Unit    4.AC/DC Adaptor For Transportable Unit