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SuperFone Models
Model: CT1000      Price: € Not available any more
System expansion up to 7 handsets
1,000,000 digital security code
Programmable flash time
Pulse / Tone dialing
Handset Battery Alarm
Off Range Alarm
12 memories each with 30 digits
Call Prohibition
Full Intercom Function with Individual Call

It is an Epoch-Making tool to bridge Domestic and International Communication!

Operating Frequencies: 1.7MHz - 49MHz
Pause Time 3 seconds
Flash Time 90, 120, 150, 190, 220, 250, 550 msec
Output Power 12Vp-p 60mW
Power Source: 230V  AC adaptor  Rechargeable battery 4.8V
Dimensions 160 x 220 x 69.5 mm 64.5 x 35 x 170 mm
1.Spare Battery Cassette                2.Carrying Case     3.Roof Antenna For Transportable Unit    4.AC/DC Adaptor For Transportable Unit